Monday, August 17, 2015

And She's Off!

Hi guys, this is Ashley, Amber's sister-in-law! While Amber is on her mission, I'll be taking care of both her Facebook and her missionary blog, where I'll post her weekly emails, pictures, as well as updates. 
We dropped off Hermana Hauber at the airport bright and early this morning for her to make her 8:45 flight to Dallas, and from there she'll fly to London and eventually to Madrid for her MTC training! She's scheduled to fly out with 5 other missionaries, and luckily she was able to meet an elder, before she even got on the plane while they were both checking in their baggage, who's also going to Malaga! 
Before she left, Hermana Hauber asked if I could post pictures from her farewell and her setting apart, so here they are- thank you to everyone that was able to attend!

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