Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day!

(no group email this week, but here is a snippet from the family email!)

Well... This las week we had a few really windy and cold days. I wanted to cry it was so cold. But things are good. This week we receive transfer calls, my comp is going home but I have no idea what will be next for me so I'm a little antsy waiting.
Time on your mission is funny. On one hand, I think wow! I've been out for 6 months, and what do I have to show for my work in that time? And other times I think wow.... I still have 11 months left. It seems like forever. I know what you mean about the super f sat and super slow. Time is weird, and if we think about it too much it is even weirder. But that's okay. Positive I must be.
But I love you guys! I hope you have a wonderful wonderful week and I will talk to you next week! Love you!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Conferences = Revelation

Happy Monday y'all!

This weeks title comes from President Andersen... He told us this week that every time he hears the word conference, he automatically thinks of the word revelation and well.... Conferences truly do lead to revelation! This weekend we not only had Zone conference, but we had stake conference as well, so I'm just going to share some of my favorite things that I have learned.

1. Okay first of all, something that I love is that as missionaries, we aren't here to force people to come to church or trick people into being baptized or convince people that this truly is God's church restored on the earth today.... But rather, we are here to INVITE. We invite people to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to know that it is true, we invite the, to come to church or family night and we invite them to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized in His name by the proper authority. And that all of these invitations, when accepted and completed, ultimately lead to having eternal families. That really when we talk with people on the streets we are inviting them to find out how they can be with their loved ones forever, that it is possible to live with your families forever and isn't that just amazing?

2. We also talked about how repentance sometimes seems scary. Or hard. And we don't think we can do it. But the beautiful thing about the atonement of Jesus Christ is that repentance always leads to forgiveness. Every single time that we sincerely repent of something, be it big or small, serious or not so serious, we receive forgiveness. We receive the blessing and the knowledge that we no longer have that stain on us, the joy of being clean. I love how Alma the younger says it in Alma 36... Read verses 17-21. I know that what he says is true. That our joy will be so sweet and so exquisite that it will exceed whatever pain might have been felt.

3. Elder Christopher Charles from the seventy was present at our stake conference and talked a lot about Holding the Line. He talked specifically about keeping the sabbath day holy, but I think it can apply in any situation. That in regards to our standards and values, we do not budge. We need to be firm and not allow other people, other things or other ideas to sway us or distract us. Don't fall into the "just this one time " syndrome. He said this.... "Beliefs are of little value if you don't live them".

I wish you all could have the opportunity to sit in on a missionary zone conference.... But.... You do all have the opportunity to attend a stake conference and in just about a month, to watch general conference! So. I want to invite all of you who might read this to prepare yourselves. Think of questions - like 2 or 3 - they can be about anything. And take them to this conference. And I promise you that you will receive answers. The Lord knows you, every single one of you and he loves you all individually and he wants to give you answers!!

Anyways. I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for the prayers and emails and never ending support.

Much love, Hermana Hauber

My Valentine's Day gift from a member- a candy rose

My comp and I eating food from the zone leaders #theyresonice

Monday, February 8, 2016

Badajoz for Life...

Well another week has come and gone with lots of changes!!

1. We moved pisos! I guess I don't really have more to say about this except that it's a lot nicer than our old one. #winning
2. Transfers!!
I will be staying in Badajoz for another transfer so we are goin on 5 months and man, can I just say I love this place. The work is hard, but the members are amazing. The people here are literally my family and I have no idea what I will do when I leave. But also, my sweet Hermana Dueñas went home to her fam in the US #successfulmissionary... And I received a new companion, Hermana Seoane! She is from Galicia, which in case you might wonder, is in Spain. And ya know what that means? We speak Spanish... ALL. THE. TIME. So uh.... Hopefully that means improvement on my part. (;
The highlight of my week was definitely the weekend because President and Hermana Andersen came to Badajoz!! Yup, they drove 4+ hours to get here and do a fireside and then stay for church meetings the next day. I'm so grateful for both of them and their examples. President taught us a lot about being missionary members. And how we all work together and the importance of Preach my Gospel.
It was definitely a challenging week, but I am learning so much and truly in awe at how well the Lord knows each and everyone of his children. I know he sends me the companions that he does for a reason, it isn't just chance. I know that he loves every single one of us and I want to invite you all that if you don't know that... If you don't truly know that he loves you and is aware of your hardships and
trials, to ask him. And he will tell you and help you feel Him in your life.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Xoxo, Hermana Hauber

President and Hermana Andersen and my sweet new companion

Our crazy Rama after the fireside ❤️

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Week to Celebrate

(No group email this week, but a quick update on how Hermana Hauber is doing: she has moved to a new apartment and will be getting a new companion in a few days-- a sister from Galicia, Spain!)  

We went to Merida for P-day!

All these cool old Roman ruins and stuff #appreciatinghistory

The amphitheater

This is Spain. And my compi who is leaving me...

Aqueducto de Los Milagros! With Petri, one of the members.
I love her so much. 

View from the new piso

Borja, Ytala, and Brianna! I love this little family

Typical missionary tag photo. But isn't Portugal beautiful?