Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day!

(no group email this week, but here is a snippet from the family email!)

Well... This las week we had a few really windy and cold days. I wanted to cry it was so cold. But things are good. This week we receive transfer calls, my comp is going home but I have no idea what will be next for me so I'm a little antsy waiting.
Time on your mission is funny. On one hand, I think wow! I've been out for 6 months, and what do I have to show for my work in that time? And other times I think wow.... I still have 11 months left. It seems like forever. I know what you mean about the super f sat and super slow. Time is weird, and if we think about it too much it is even weirder. But that's okay. Positive I must be.
But I love you guys! I hope you have a wonderful wonderful week and I will talk to you next week! Love you!!

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