Monday, March 28, 2016


Happy Monday y'all!
It has been a wonderful week here in Badajoz. It is incredible how much I learn every single week. Sometimes I'm afraid I will forget it all. But of course, once it comes time to email I don't remember anything that I wanted to say so that's cool. But anyways.... Here's just a few things.
First of all, we have had some great contacts this week! One of them is named Lorenzo and turns out he actually is a menos activo. He hasn't been to church in something like 11 years and has been studying with other churches but he saw us on the street the other day and actually called out to us to find out where the capilla was. And he came to church and we have been able to start teaching him!! It is amazing to see the Lord truly has his own time and plan for each one of us as his children.
Something else you should know about this last week is that it was the week before Easter, AKA Semana Santa, AKA A HUGE DEAL here in Spain. Almost every day they have big processions in the streets and loud music and it is super interesting. We didn't actually see any, which is a little crazy because we work in el centro, but we have seen pictures and madre mia. But along with this, we have been sharing the Aleluya video with so many people!! Although many weren't interested or thought it was nice but still weren't interested, the countless opportunities to share my testimony and really think about the Savior's life has helped me grow closer to my Savior. If you haven't watched this video yet, go to and watch it! It's beautiful.
One more thing about this week. One of the elders in my district is a rockstar, well, really they all are, they are awesome, but this one gave me some advice that I won't ever forget. We had called the elders in our district to get some finding advice, because we are doing a lot of finding right now. And one of them, after explaining some stuff to me said "Hermana, one more thing. Desanimo no existe. It's a lie, When you feel discouraged, do something to get going again because you have control over that." And ladies and gents I LOVED THAT. Because there are hard times every single day, but we can't let the desanimo win.
Anyways.... Things are going great here in Badajoz. I love being a missionary, I love my sweet compi and I'm pretty positive I learn more from her than she does from me. I know our Savior lives and loves us, and that gracias a la resurrection, we can all find a new life in Jesus Christ.

Have a great week!!
XOXO Hermana Hauber

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

One week until Easter!

(no group email this week-- here are some highlights from the family email!)

How are yáll doing this week?? Yes, so this week is Semana Santa here in Spain!! I guess the biggest celebration is in Sevilla, but it is still a huge deal here in Badajoz. They have processions every day going right through the center of our area... But blessing is that it has been super rainy here and if it rains, they don´t do the processions so hopefully our work won´t be affected too much. I received 3 packages this week!! One from Grandma and Grandpa Hauber and then two from you guys, so THANK YOU so much!! It definitely has been a blessing that they have all gotten through.
Training is going really well, been exactly what you said. Very rewarding and taxing. But I love it. And I love my little compi. It kind of is a big responsibility knowing that I will influence the rest of her mission. But a big blessing i guess. My companion is super sweet and super willing to learn and do things. I think the hardest part is just trying to be the most obedient I can be without like being crazy or making her feel overwhelmed. It overall has been a really good experience so far. It is also weird thinking that I probably only have 1 month left here in Badajoz... Gotta make the most of it!
This week has been good. Really rainy. But we did have an investigator come to the relief society activity so that was good. But she can´t come to church because she works. But that´s okay! Also, we had a rama activity yesterday and watched the movie Freetown. It was really awesome. have you guys seen it? It´s about missionaries in Liberia.
Thanks guys for writing me, things here are really good. I love you tons!
xoxo hermana hauber
I got packages!! Thank you!!

And another!

We had a Relief Society activity for the anniversary

My lovely hermanas de la rama

From my cute companion, 7 months in the mission!

Monday, March 14, 2016


Hi y'all!

Well.... What a week it has been. To start off, I've got a new compi! Her name is Hermana Sabin and she is from Kaysville, UT. She knows just a little bit of Spanish but has a huge heart and a lot of faith and so much excitement for missionary work so that's what is really important. (: Lots of people said training was really hard and while there are struggles, so far I love it. I love my comp, we get along wonderfully and I'm learning so much from her! Also, we have seen so many little baby miracles in just the last 4 days!
I want to tell y'all about an experience we had this week. We went to visit a future investigator for the first time. And well, she speaks mostly Arabic and just a little bit of Spanish. But then her daughter
came and started talking to us and was super interested in why we are here and what we believe. So we were talking about some things and she asked us who is Jesus Christ. We explained that He is the son of God and our Savior and she interrupted and said, "But he is just a messenger... Putting him on the same level as God is like putting an ant on the same level as us as humans." .... Whoa. We had a really good conversation and it made me think a lot about Christ and how important He is. And how it is such a blessing to be here helping others realize that His role in our lives is so much more than just a messenger of the gospel.
Anyways. Life in Badajoz is good. Being a missionary is great. And the gospel, well, is everything. It is the most important.

I love you all! Happy Monday!!
Xoxo, Hermana Hauber

My bakery friends gave me cake for my birthday :)

Cecilia gave us Reese's at church yesterday.
My clothes happened to match ;)

My compi, Hermana Sabin!!

Yet another celebration for the birthday!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Badajoz for Life!

Hello everybody!!

I hope y'all aren't sick of hearing about Badajoz yet, because guess
what? I'm staying here for another transfer!! And we already knew that
Hermana Seoane would be leaving because she is going home, so we were
just waiting to find out who my new comp would be. And turns out we
still don't know....


That's right, I have the amazing opportunity to welcome a new
missionary into the Spain Málaga Mission and I'm so excited for this
transfer. And nervous. I'm really nervous. But as I think about my
trainer and my experience with her, more than anything I'm grateful.
Hermana Watson was the best trainer I could have asked for, and I look
up to her a ton and I'm excited to get to help a new missionary in the
same way. So tomorrow, my comp and I travel to Málaga and I get to
meet my new hermanita. More updates next week. ☺️

In other news, these past couple weeks have just definitely been weeks
of growing. 💪 We had a zone conference a couple weeks back where we
talked about talking to everybody and just not having fear - so we've
been practicing. And Imma be honest, it is still something really hard
for me. BUT. I have been able to see the blessings of really working
hard and trying to talk to everyone. There are hard moments, there are
miracle moments, times when I sit on a bench and cry and times when I
love doing it. But over all of that, I am just grateful for the
experience to be here doing what I'm doing.

One more thing, my comp and I were talking this week and she said
something I really loved. She explained that sometimes we just feel so
overwhelmed and wonder why we have the trials we have and on and on
and then said, "that is when I have to remember that I'm not from
here. I live in the world and do things here, but I'm not from here,
it's just a short time in my life. " and it's so true! Really, we are
all from Heaven, we get sent here to live and learn but ultimately,
the plan is to return to Heaven, no? So... Please y'all just remember:
You aren't from here. You are sons and daughters of our Heavenly
Father and wants us all to return someday.

Okay well, that's all for now I think. Something else kinda cool is
that I celebrated my 21st birthday here in Spain so that's a once in a
lifetime experience, right? 😊🎉

Thank you all for the support! I hope you are all doing well!

Much love, Hermana Hauber

My district! From Utah, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, England,
Cali, and Oregon

My neighbor's dog... I'm in love

My SHEs, Hermana Judy and Hermana Nelson

Got a birthday present!

This is Lourdes :)
Happy birthday to me!