Tuesday, March 22, 2016

One week until Easter!

(no group email this week-- here are some highlights from the family email!)

How are yáll doing this week?? Yes, so this week is Semana Santa here in Spain!! I guess the biggest celebration is in Sevilla, but it is still a huge deal here in Badajoz. They have processions every day going right through the center of our area... But blessing is that it has been super rainy here and if it rains, they don´t do the processions so hopefully our work won´t be affected too much. I received 3 packages this week!! One from Grandma and Grandpa Hauber and then two from you guys, so THANK YOU so much!! It definitely has been a blessing that they have all gotten through.
Training is going really well, been exactly what you said. Very rewarding and taxing. But I love it. And I love my little compi. It kind of is a big responsibility knowing that I will influence the rest of her mission. But a big blessing i guess. My companion is super sweet and super willing to learn and do things. I think the hardest part is just trying to be the most obedient I can be without like being crazy or making her feel overwhelmed. It overall has been a really good experience so far. It is also weird thinking that I probably only have 1 month left here in Badajoz... Gotta make the most of it!
This week has been good. Really rainy. But we did have an investigator come to the relief society activity so that was good. But she can´t come to church because she works. But that´s okay! Also, we had a rama activity yesterday and watched the movie Freetown. It was really awesome. have you guys seen it? It´s about missionaries in Liberia.
Thanks guys for writing me, things here are really good. I love you tons!
xoxo hermana hauber
I got packages!! Thank you!!

And another!

We had a Relief Society activity for the anniversary

My lovely hermanas de la rama

From my cute companion, 7 months in the mission!

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