Monday, March 14, 2016


Hi y'all!

Well.... What a week it has been. To start off, I've got a new compi! Her name is Hermana Sabin and she is from Kaysville, UT. She knows just a little bit of Spanish but has a huge heart and a lot of faith and so much excitement for missionary work so that's what is really important. (: Lots of people said training was really hard and while there are struggles, so far I love it. I love my comp, we get along wonderfully and I'm learning so much from her! Also, we have seen so many little baby miracles in just the last 4 days!
I want to tell y'all about an experience we had this week. We went to visit a future investigator for the first time. And well, she speaks mostly Arabic and just a little bit of Spanish. But then her daughter
came and started talking to us and was super interested in why we are here and what we believe. So we were talking about some things and she asked us who is Jesus Christ. We explained that He is the son of God and our Savior and she interrupted and said, "But he is just a messenger... Putting him on the same level as God is like putting an ant on the same level as us as humans." .... Whoa. We had a really good conversation and it made me think a lot about Christ and how important He is. And how it is such a blessing to be here helping others realize that His role in our lives is so much more than just a messenger of the gospel.
Anyways. Life in Badajoz is good. Being a missionary is great. And the gospel, well, is everything. It is the most important.

I love you all! Happy Monday!!
Xoxo, Hermana Hauber

My bakery friends gave me cake for my birthday :)

Cecilia gave us Reese's at church yesterday.
My clothes happened to match ;)

My compi, Hermana Sabin!!

Yet another celebration for the birthday!

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