Monday, November 9, 2015

Rainy rainy Badajoz

(No group email from Hermana Hauber this week, it sounds like she had a zone meeting, but here are some highlights from the family email!)

Life in Badajoz is good!! The Columbian investigator is good also... haha.  I think wants facts to prove his testimony if that makes sense and so we have been struggling with that. But once the elders get here on Wednesday, he will be their investigator so we won´t teach him anymore. Which is sad, but also i think it will be okay. 
I can´t believe it is already that cold there! Actually, I guess I can, I just don´t always remember it because, thank goodness, we haven´t had to worry about snow or freezing cold yet. On Monday, we went to lunch with president (of the rama) and Cecilia (his wife) and Samuel (their son) and as we were walking home, we literally got drenched in the rain!! But it was so fun. The rain has been great and oddly enough this week it actually hasn´t been too rainy. I´ll just take whatever comes until it snows. Then I will have to take some time to adjust... haha. I sure don´t miss the freezing cold though!
We are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner with our district I think so that should be fun! And I have no idea about Christmas yet, we will have transfers again before then. Transfers are this week and then we have a short 4 weeks until the next transfers. But for now, Hermana Watson and I will be staying in Badajoz!
Something that I loved from my studies this week was Alma 26. This is when Ammon is praising the Lord and really it is just awesome. I have been trying to be aware of little things every day to be grateful for so that I am more positive and more grateful during the week!! God really is so good and so mindful and merciful, it is amazing!
xoxoxo Hermana Hauber

So this was when I was super glad I had a rain coat....
it´s kind of a shame you can´t tell how drenched I really am... (:

Same rainy day as above. We loved every second of it. (:

Intercambios with hermana Benavides in Sevilla!
 She is awesome and I found out Dunkin Donuts exists in España!

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