Friday, June 17, 2016

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Hi yáll!
I don´t really have a lot to talk about this week... Sometimes you just have weeks where it feels like all of your investigators fall of the face of the earth and you don´t have contact with anyone and you aren´t able to teach anyone and well... that happened to us this week. But... we made it through. And we finished off the weekend with an awesome zone conference and intercambios and stake conference.
Since the worldwide training in January, our mission has been really focused on Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts... so they talked about it again during this conference. I love this new focus because especially here in Spain, and well, I´m sure in any place, we see baptisms, but many quickly become inactive and fall away. Soo... not that we are baptizing people that are already converted to the gospel, but rather people who know that conversion is a lifelong process. and that while baptism is essential for our salvation, so is continuing forward and enduring to the end.
To add onto that, during the stake conference, the stake president really focused on how this gospel is a gospel of action. That when we start of running a race, we continue running and continue working hard to reach the finish line and don´t get distracted or just lay down and take a nap or something. It doesn´t quite work like that.
Intercambios this week were really great, we had them with the Hermanas from Crevillente. One of which was my SHE for a transfer in Sevilla and the other is my "sister" because Hermana Watson trained us both.
One last thing, while we didn´t see many investigators this week, we did have the chance to see one. Nila is from Venezuela and is reading in the Book of Mormon. We took one of our recent converts to the lessons with us and they got to talking about how they feel when they read in the Book of Mormon and Nila described how she feels warm and peaceful and just as if somebody were right there with her during the time that she reads and it was incredible to feel the spirit so strong during that moment.
Even though she isn´t ready to accept baptism or progress in that way, that lesson was a huge testimony to me that the BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE. Y'all, it is real and it is so true. It changes lives and it brings happiness. I have a firm testimony of this. If you haven´t read it, READ IT. and if you have already read it, DO IT AGAIN. It has changed my life and I know it will change yours.
I love you all!!
Hermana Hauber
Making arepas!

cute pedicures! Our investigator did them
My first Alicante district!
With my CCM teacher last week

Her cute family let us eat with them
Our investigator, Janet before she moved to Cadiz

Lots of goodbye pictures
My sandal broke...

all better #tapefixeseverything
Zone conference!!

Intercambios. Me, Hna. Judy who I LOVE, Hna. Malterre-
my sister in the mission, and my comp!

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