Monday, December 12, 2016

Photo Update

(No group email these past 2 weeks, but here are the pictures Hermana Hauber has sent!)

Lentils! Forever reminds me of home

My CCM comp, Hermana Stephens (:

My comp hit 7 months so of course we celebrate
with ice cream


We made arroz a la cubana after district meeting. SO YUMMY

SWEET hermana Burrell (:

The Washington monument! in Spain (:

District foto...

Elder Boston is my new zone leader!

Still poor but finding food! We love to cook

Someone from Nibley UT sent my comp a package with 25 days
of Christmas! Neither of us know who it was, but it was a huge
blessing for her (:

When we don't go shopping for three weeks and end up eating
tuna fish with bananas...

Cute Tati made us cake because I helped her with English.
And because she loves us (:

There are little bakeries here like on every corner
and we love them!

The district!

We tried to go ice skating but it was closed...

More artistic pictures...

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