Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hey y'all!

🎉🎊¡¡¡Happy 2017!!!🎊🎉

I literally can't believe that we are already in a brand new year! I remember being at the beginning of 2016 and feeling like 2017 would never come and now that it's here, well, yeah..... I'm freaking out a little bit! But it's all good, if there is anything I've learned during my mission it's that God has a plan for me and if I'm obedient then it will all go how He wants.

So this week was crazy! We had transfers! I said goodbye to my sweet Hermana Trujillo who went to Elche! Then I got to spend the day with a member named Jennifer. She was with me for a good 8 hours, knocking doors, teaching, doing everything and she is an awesome missionary! Good news: she has already started her papers for her mission. 😊 And then my new comp got here! Her name is Hermana Christensen and I already knew her because we served in the same ward in my last area, Sevilla. She is from Georgia, has been in the mission about 6 months and LOVES to cook!

Last picture with Hermana Trujillo!
Jennifer was my comp for a day!

We have seen a few super cool things this week. First of all, the night that Hermana Christensen got here, we met a new less active member! His name is Francisco and he was so happy to talk with us. He had already made the New Years resolution to stop smoking and when we saw him yesterday, he hadn't smoked all day long! So that has been awesome. 👏

Also we had a cita with our sweet investigator Ana and she is loving the Book of Mormon! It was incredible to listen to her ask us questions and then as she kept talking about it, she answered her own questions! 

So on the first day of every year, the ward here in Almería has their first soccer game of the year! Well since the 1st was a Sunday, we did it today and it was so fun! There's nothing like playing soccer. In Spain. Also, I made a goal and so they all that it was pretty cool that an Hermana scored. Hahahaha. ⚽️💁🏽

Things here are super good. We are working hard and praying for lots of miracles. And the Lord is so good, He helps us recognize the little blessings every single day and the big ones too!  

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 
XOXO, Hermana Hauber 😘❤️🇪🇸

Last district meeting meal before transfers

Cecelia from Badajoz sent us cards and earrings for Christmas!

We ran home- literally ran to get there on time for
New Years Eve. Hahahaha.

So this foto is from Sevilla but this is my new comp!

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