Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy MLK Day (:

(no group email this week, here's an update on how Hermana Hauber's week went!)

This week we had a conference in Malaga and interviews with president! It all went super well. I will share pictures soon. We also saw lots of miracles! Like members calling us with a random friend to teach, and a random lady showing up at church to learn more about who she is! Woohoo! We are working hard and being happy. (: And I read a scripture this morning that I super loved! It's in DyC 76:5-10. I haven't read it in English but basically it promises blessings to those who serve in righteousness and truth till the end. And it is awesome! Even though, of course it applies on a much bigger scale (like eternity) it can apply to me here and now as well so that is cool. Go read it! Anyways. Things here are good! I am happy and working hard and that's all. (: I hope everything is good back home, love you tons!

Xoxo, hermana Hauber (:
Everyone who entered the mission with me that was at the conference!

Friends (: and sweet hermana Berube! I love that crazy

When we tried to go to the castle but it was closed... that always seems
to happen to us. Hahaha.

My awesome new comfy jammies!

My CCM compi!

With Adelaida!


Ana! That's going to Venezuela!

With her husband and daughter also

The trainee of my trainee that I met at the conference
#family she's the cutest!

Thanks grandma!! (:

This cute study journal we made for Ana (:

We got to see a little bit of Motril! Bus stop on the
way home

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