Monday, October 19, 2015

Week Three: Two Months Old!

Hola y'all!!
Well, this week has been strange. I don't know really what a normal week in the mission is but I don't think this was it! Haha. So many good things to tell you about, but I'll just touch on a few.
 I can't decide which has been more prevalent in my life this week... Food or rain! It literally has been pouring buckets here and while I love the rain, let's just say that it is a completely different experience as a missionary. (: We spent 2 1/2 hours walking around last night because our appointment failed us and nobody wanted to let us in. While it wasn't my favorite thing to do, I was grateful because my companion and I were able to talk to many people and also stayed super positive, singing and laughing.
And food.... Pues. I came to Spain, expecting to cook a lot of my own food. And I have! But this week, we ate with people almost every single day! Also, on Saturday, we were fed three times between 2 and 10 pm!! Ayayay. And they feed us so much and I love it, but my body probably shouldn't love it so much. Hahaha.
Lots of other great things happened this week also! It was a crazy week, but so much happened. First of all, I met my district! Since we are so far out from our zone in Sevilla, we are just in a baby district of us here in Badajoz, 2 elders in Caceres, and an elderly couple in Caceres. I love it! My district leader asked me to give a taller (like a short little 5-10 minute talk/workshop thing) in our meeting so that was cool and I learned so much! Which always happen when you are assigned to teach others right?
Also, this SUPER COOL chain of events happened this week... we met with our branch president this week to talk about our Day of Rescue for Menos Activos that we have coming up and he gave us so much good advice! We literally went home and discussed and came up with a revised mission plan for our branch and are so excited! So we are focusing a lot on helping less actives come back to church, right and trying to get the members super involved? Well then a menos activo from the branch calls us and wants to take us to lunch. Fast forward a couple days and we go to lunch, he talks about how we need to get members more involved but also how we need to get the name of the church more out there because people tend to think we are weirdies. A few hours later... A lady from our English class that we teach wants us to be in her interview that a TV station is doing about her life so that she can show people that even though she is not Mormon, she loves us and we really aren't that weird! WOW. It literally was just like everything just worked out and I KNOW the Lords hand is I everything we do when we involve Him in our work. We are calling our new plan of action Project Badajoz.... The work here is going but hopefully soon it will grow and we will have a better way of sharing the gospel and helping others realize this wonderful restored gospel can work miracles in our lives.
Yesterday was my two month mark as a missionary! I can't believe that. Sometimes it seems like I've been out here forever and others I can't believe that I have already come two months. Time is weird, but if I've learned anything, it's that I need to just live in the moment. There is just way too much to tell you guys every awesome thing that happens in The life of a missionary, but just know that they make the hard and challenging times that much rewarding and bearable.
One last thought.... As I was studying general conference this week, this was something I learned. As we come to have. Ire trust in  God, we will have more love for Him and for His children. QUE FUERTE. I know that trusting in God brings ,Ira les and that through him, we can better love those around us and therefore be better. Holden and servants to Him. Have a great week y'all!
Xoxoxo Hermana Hauber

Rain always brings rainbows!

We celebrate everything with ice cream... happy 2 months to me!

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