Monday, October 12, 2015

Week Two: Rainy days!

Hola y'all!
What a week here in Badajoz!! This week has been chuck full of work. We teach lessons and help with activities and practice English and so many things! Literally, I sleep 8 hours every night and it ever seems to be enough.
This week I was able to meet a lot of the people we teach besides our investigators. Like menos activos and recent converts and others who need our love. (: I don't understand all of every conversation, but I'm starting to pick up more things here and there so that is definitely a blessing.
On Monday, we always have noche de hogar with the ranch president and his family and one of our investigators and his family. It was fun to meet them and get to know them in a setting that wasnt church, ya know? Also, I love Wednesdays! So in our area, we have a pueblo called Merida. Basically it's another city almost as big as Badajoz so I have no idea why it's called a pueblo. Ha. But anyways. It's an hourish away by bus and we go and have some people there that we teach, but also have our medio dia meal with a family from the branch. Man. I love eating with members!!
Fun fact about Spain and our schedule. So we wake up at 7:30, do our studies and then we are out teaching and proselyting from 11:30-2. At 2, we come back, eat "lunch" and have more studies. We then go back out and work from 5:30 -10:15 when we need to be back in our piso. Then we plan, eat "dinner" and go to bed at 11:30. It's crazy! My body isn't so much liking this eating schedule, but that's okay. All good things.
On Friday this week we had zone meeting in Sevilla! For us, that means a 3 hour bus ride that leaves at 6:45 in the morning... (: Badajoz is kinda far away, and I kind of love that sometimes. Except not this time. (; Anyways, it was awesome to see other missionaries and meet those in my zone! We talked a lot about how important it is to reach out to those who are less active the church because they have so much potential! Also about how much members can help in the work! I guess I never realized this before, but seriously, members, help your missionaries. See what they need you do, find people or friends or family for them to teach! They call it missionary work, but it is for EVERYONE!
Yesterday was fast Sunday here in the branch and I bore my testimony and kinda introduced myself. Scary but so good. The members here are the sweetest and have so much love for us. It truly is amazing.
Anyways. Things here are going, but the work is hard. I know that I would not be making it through this without my savior walking with me every single step of the way. His love is real, y'all. I promise you. Reach out and he will be there for you in every moment of your lives.
Love you all, thanks for everything!
xoxoxo Hermana Hauber

With Hermanas Martin and Johnson. I was in the CCM with Hermana Martin
so it always good to see her. (:

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