Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Halloween!

(Since Hermana Hauber didn't have time to write a group email this week, here are some highlights from the family email)

Como esta en casa esta semana? Because here in Badajoz it has been RAINNNNNY! And. I still haven't bought a rain jacket. Working on it though! What fun plans do you have for Halloween this week? I think Dia de Los Muertos is more of a Latin America thing.... But in our little Rama here we are having a Halloween activity on Saturday! Hermana Watson and I are supposed to teach people how to carve pumpkins so that will be interesting.... We might be moving pesos soon, if we do that would be awesome because ours frequently s,Ella like cigarette smoke. #worstthingever
Christmas stuff is out here too! But at least here in Spain they don't really celebrate Halloween or thanksgiving so I guess that is acceptable. (; I can't believe November is already here just next week! What's the weather been like out there?
This week, on Saturday, we had a Dia de rescates where we visited tons of menos activos in the branch. We did not teach one lesson and we walked almost 13 miles!! It was something we did as a zone, and I hope we will get some people coming back to church because of it. It was a long day, and we obviously didn't see immediate results, but it's not our work, it's the Lord's so he's gotta have something in mind. Also, we have two main investigators right now. Borja and Azu. We met with their families this week and made plans and set goals for them and how we can help them and then decided on days to fast for them. It has made a huge difference. Both of them are progressing and learning and it is so beautiful! I love seeing how this gospel changes lives.
Okay, fast quick a couple things. So my comp and I used the Brother of Jared for a lesson and I learned that when we face things in life, God handles them usually on three ways. 1- he just takes care of it for us (like tender mercies) 2- he tells us what to do/how to do it and then it is up to us to ACT on it. Or 3- he tells us to come up with a plan and bring it to him and then he will help us. The brother of Jared took three concerns to the Lord and had to face them in these three ways... I just thought that was awesome!!
 We found out we have interviews today so that means 6 hours on a bus and pretty much our whole p day is gone. I had interview with my mission president and he is amazing and so is his wife. I pretty much just cried because I do that all the time here and I'm so grateful they are here for us. They really are called of God.
I love you guys tons and hope you have a fun Halloween!!
Xoxoxo Hermana Hauber

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