Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!

(No group email this week, here are the highlights from the family email!)

Hey hey!
Yay! I bet the Hauber house is a happy one with no more worry about school or crying children. Or crying parents! Haha. There definitely is a learning curve with the new companion but all is well and I'm super happy she is here in Badajoz. I miss Hermana Watson a ton, but change is good and allows for grow and becoming better!
Borja and Ytala are doing well, we have started over doing the charlas with them and are trying to find ways to help them read everyday. This is what they struggle with. But they also told us hey are planning and thinking of a date to get married.... Yahoo!!! I'm so pumped for them.
AAAHHHH THE GAME!! It sounds like it was a good game, though bummer we lost. Who is the new coach going to be, do we know yet? Also, we would have five turnovers. Lame. That's awesome!! Let me k is what you think of the new Star Wars. (:
So for Christmas it is tradition to have a big cena(dinner) on the 24th. And these people eat dinner at like 9 or 10 at night! So we will be with a member, Flor, for that and then the next day we will go for the big meal at like 2 with our branch president and his wife and their son and her mother. I'm excited. Also.... I can't wait to SKYPE!! My favorite thing about Spain so far.... Probably the food. Let's be real - I love food. But I have met some amazing people too! Lots that aren't actually from Spain. Haha. Something I do not like is the tobacco. It. Is. Everywhere. Blech.
I love you guys and this here are going well. Thank you for everything! Merry Christmas!
Love  Hermana Hauber (:

I ate a snail...

This is a hot dog with ketchup, mayo, pineapple, condensed milk,
potato chips, and an egg. Its HEAVEN
My new district! Make sure to watch the video online!

PS- what she has written on the whiteboard is the title of the new Christmas message from the Church, "A Savior is Born" or in Spanish, "Ha Nacido un Salvador" 
Watch it in Spanish here and English here!

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