Monday, May 16, 2016

When the sun comes out...

Hi y'all!
It has been another awesome week here in Alicante! First of all, because the rain took a break and the sunshine came out!! But really, it is so different than Badajoz, and has things that I love, but really hard things too. This week, I think I experienced some of the highest, happiest moments but also some of the hardest moments.
Let's start off with the happy ones. We saw so many miracles this week! We have set new standards of excellence as a mission and as a companionship, we have really been pushing ourselves to reach them. And as we strived to reach our goals, I could really see how people were put in our path, words into our mouths, energy into my body and faith into my heart. And really, I know the Lord is here next to me in every aspect of the work. We had one day where we taught 5 solid investigator lessons! All in one day! Now, I'm not saying that numbers are everything, but as we have really pushed ourselves, I have felt the constant blessings of the Lord. The joy of sharing this gospel with new people and testifying of our Savior Jesus Christ was just incredible. I am so grateful that this is my calling for the next 9 months.
Something else that has made a huge difference is that Hermana Swenson and I have started doing is saying short prayers of gratitude together. After citas, after finding people or even a really good street contact  - anything that really makes is grateful, no matter how big or small. And that has helped me see so much more the hand of the Lord in my life and how much he helps me in every moment.
With all of these wonderful, amazing, uplifting moments this week, I have also had a some hard times. I started thinking about everything that I need to improve on - things with obedience or writing in my journal, speaking the language, studying - basically everything and I got really discouraged. I really truly want to be the best missionary I can be but I feel like I will never get there because there is so much that I am lacking.
We did intercambios with the other Hermanas in Alicante today and one of them, Hermana Anderson is finishing up her mission soon and a HUGE example to me. We talked a lot about really using the atonement every single day and that is something that I really want to get better at. I also know that is the only way I will improve is by accepting little by little by the power of the atonement and the help of Christ every day.
This week has been kind of a struggle between these extreme ups and downs, but I think more than anything I am just grateful. I'm grateful for this gospel, and for the opportunity to share it. I'm grateful for the knowledge of the atonement, the knowledge that Jesus Christ suffered for me, to help me. And even though I'm still learning how to use and apply this gift, I'm grateful to know that I can always keep progressing and that he will forgive me and give me the strength to continue moving forward.
I love being a missionary and I love sharing the gospel with everyone. I love y'all and hope all is well.
Much love,
Hermana Hauber 😘☀️🇪🇸

We hiked up to the castle for p-day. 😎🏛

These sweet Hermanas... I love them!

I'm a professional photographer now (;


Hot = ice cream time

My district and mission leader and his friend!

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