Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's go to the Beach! (Bye Badajoz)

Hola familia y amigos!!
What a crazy, wonderful, incredible week it has been! Let's start at the beginning. Y'all know that we got transfer calls and I was called to go serve in Alicante.
So.... Monday and Tuesday were full of goodbyes. It was so so so hard to leave Badajoz. I experienced so many hard, hard things there but also felt some of the greatest joys there with those people. I will forever be grateful for the amazing opportunity to serve there.
And so.... After lots of photos and tears and hugs and besos I left Badajoz behind.
And... after 3 hours in a bus, 4 hours in trains stations and 6 hours in trains, I made it to Alicante!! It's been really rainy and I haven't had the opportunity to take any cool pictures, but it is beautiful here! I already love the area and the people and my companion and it's amazing. I literally feel like I am in training again because my comp shows me everywhere to go and I'm just learning everything brand new, it is humbling and an incredible experience.
The blessings of the gospel, you guys are so real. I love being a missionary and helping others learn about what has blessed my life in so many ways. We have already had so many wonderful lessons this week with investigators, I feel so blessed to be here. I know the Lord is aware of us and what we need and what we are going through. He really does have a plan for each one of us.
Sorry, this is all just kind of rambling. But I'm doing well and I love the gospel. Thanks for all the support and love! Have a wonderful week!!
XOXO Hermana Hauber

First compi picture when I arrived with Hermana Swenson.
She's from Utah and is super sweet and likes to eat healthy.
Aaaand... I already love her (:

Last district meeting in Badajoz!

Two of my favorite elders that I saw on transfer day! Elders Nye and Miller

These are the greatest people. Cecelia, Presidente Herles, and Samuel
My sweet member friend, Flor 💜

Final compi picture - the nightgown tradition lives on
On the way to Malaga!

What happens on a 4 hour train ride

One of the members wanted a picture with the new missionaries haha

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