Monday, October 17, 2016

So much

Hey guys!!! I'm sorry it has been a couple weeks since I have written, but here are a couple things that I want to share with y'all.

1. I have a new compi! Her name is Hermana Berube and she is from Washington state aaannnnndddd we are having a good time together!

2. We have seen so many miracles here in Sevilla! The other day we were passing by investigators that we had never met but that missionaries in the past had taught and we needed up passing by one named Elisabeth. Well, she let us in and we shared a message and found out that she was the sister of a member! And as we were leaving the house, the member saw us and his mom(also not a member) invited us back for lunch! So then we went, and the mom, María, told us that she has started reading the Book of Mormon and she loves it! She came to the baptism that evening and has come to church the past three weeks! We haven't been able to tech her again because she works all week and is only home on the weekends but she is awesome! Updates in weeks to come I hope. (:

3. Another day this week, we were with a member and about to ring a doorbell to go into a cita and this boy stopped to talk to us. We told him a little bit about who we are (that we are not Jehovah's Witness) and then asked for his phone number. He didn't have a phone and didn't want to give us his address because he lives in a sketchy area of Sevilla.... so we gave him a pamphlet, told him where the church was, and that was that.....
THEN. On Thursday, we had zone meeting so a ton of missionaries were at the church and this kid showed up! So a couple of elders taught him about the Book of Mormon and then passed him to the elders that actually work where he lives. Well, this weekend, they taught him and he has a baptismal date! It was so cool! Missionary work takes all of us working together, ya know and there are people prepared here to hear the gospel!

4. General conference happened! And it was soooooo wonderful. I hope all of you are taking advantage of this opportunity to go back and read and listen and watch it all again because these are inspired words from our leaders who LOVE US!

5. I just want to share with y'all a quote from President Andersen. In our mission lately, we have been focusing so much on consecration and so we have been changing rules and the way we do things so that we all can be more dedicated and focused on the work. And in his letter last week, he said this to us....
"I suppose that for some of you the focus on consecration has seemed relentless and hard to bear. Please know that such focuses and efforts are tender and loving invitations from a loving Heavenly Father who wants to lift and bless us. As difficult as it may seem at times to be encouraged and invited to rise higher please see it as a tender expression of love and avoid feeling overburdened or defeated by it. I must say that the intensity of this work and it ́s demands upon us will not diminish and our lives will be so much happier if we choose to let the Lord accomplish His purposes through and with us than if we look to grumble and feel mistreated. We are constantly surrounded by a multitude of things that affect us that are beyond our control but one thing we can always control is our attitude and choosing to have a positive outlook on things will always make the challenges that are beyond our control manageable and the positive results of the challenges and trials will be greater. The Lord asks this of us because He knows that within us is the power to do it, He gave us the power Himself!"

In conference and as we read the scriptures and on many occasions in our lives, we are called on to be better, to change things to work harder or give up bad habits. And man, it can be hard! But all of those things are loving invitations from our Heavenly Father to become more like Him and to receive more blessings and become closer to him. These challenges are to help! And He has given us the power to be able to overcome and learn these things with His help. So keep on keepin on.

I love this gospel and I love the hope that we have through Jesus Christ and His atonement.

Have a fabulous week!!

Hermana Hauber 😘🇪🇸🍁

Plaza de España today for Pday!

We got caught in the rainstorm!

Lunch with Pres. and Cecelia from Badajoz! Bolivian pique macho.

cute English lady from Salt Lake that just walked into church last night!

I LOVE matching grandma dresses

Residency and friends from my group!

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