Monday, October 31, 2016

We be gainin!

Hey y'all!
Well, basically the title says everything! The other day my compi and I were talking about how the mission changes you and how we just gain so much!
We learn and grow in so many ways and gain so much! Like love. Friends. Knowledge, faith. Testimony. Weight. Respect. Enemies. Understanding. Blisters. Piso finds. Blessings. Memories. The list goes on and on, ya know?? But honestly it is the more wonderful experience I have ever had!
This week we had two different I intercambios with different hermanas and man, I just learn so much every single time I go out and work with a new hermana. And we of course see so many miracles!!
- When I was with one hermana, we were walking around trying to find some old investigators at home and one of the ladies lives kinda out there so we don't usually go try her too much. But when we went, the front gat was open and the door to the apartment building so we were able to just walk in and go up and ring her actual doorbell and she answered the door and let us in! We had a super powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon and then left with her telling us to come back again this week! #miracles
-Another day, we were on the bus coming back from a cita at the church and the Hermana and I were just talking. Well, there was this guy near us on the bus and we kept looking at each other and I just kept thinking "Man, talk to him!" And then my companion was like Hermana, we have to talk to him. But he started talking on the phone right at that moment! So we waited and then as we got closer to our atop - miracles! - he got off too AND stopped talking on the phone! So we ran up and introduced ourselves and gave him a Book of Mormon and have another cita with him tonight. Prayers please that all goes well. (:
-Also, another day we passed by the address of a recent convert. We hadn't planned to go there but had a few extra minutes. The last time we went, someone e told us he didn't live there anymore but for some reason we decided to try. So we went and turns out he was there! He doesn't live there but was just visiting for a couple hours and that's why we were able to find him there! It was such a blessing and he just kept saying how happy he was to see us and talk with us again. (:
I love being a missionary! I am loving serving here in Sevilla and am so grateful for this time to represent my Savior Jesus Christ and share His gospel. Coming on a mission is hard but honestly, we be gainin so much. (;
Have a wonderful week - I love you all!!
XOXO, Hermana Hauber (:

With our cute Ana! All dressed up for an activity!

Intercambio #1

We visited Costco today! YUM!

My compi hit her 1 year mark!

Intercambio #2

Church selfie #waitinforthebus

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