Monday, January 11, 2016

Día de los Reyes!

Hola todos!!
Well, I have pretty much decided that Spain just never stops partying! Hahaha. First it was Christmas, then the next week was New Years and then this week everybody celebrated the Day of the Kings. This is when all of the kids receive their gifts from Los Magos and it's a big family holiday. Which is wonderful! Except the people don't really like to talk to the missionaries because they are celebrating. Haha. So it was a little bit slower than normal, but I did get to try some Roscón de Reyes we give was pretty dang yummy. (:
This weekend we had the opportunity to go to Sevilla on Friday and Saturday for zone meeting and then intercambios! Zone meeting was awesome. We talked about the importance of obedience, and also the importance of inviting people to repent before inviting them to baptism. Because you can't be baptized if you haven't sincerely repented. We also talked about the metas for this coming year that we have as a mission. They asked us to set goals for our areas and then as districts, zones and finally we made a mission goal. I have thought a lot about how we can set goals all we want, but unless we as a mission - every single missionary - are focused and obedient, we won't reach these goals. It's the same in our lives outside of the mission... We can set a goal to lose 10 pounds, but if we don't follow our work out plan or eat just a little bit healthier or whatever it might be, we won't see results.
^^^The point of this whole rambling thing is to encourage you guys to stick with your New Years goals and then to ACT!! And when you involve the Lord you will see even more success because he is just waiting to help you when you ask.
For intercambios, I had the opportunity to serve with Hermana Nelson!! She has been out for 13 months and I learned so much from her! I'm grateful that we have leaders and examples to learn from and always find ways to improve. 
We had a precious experience, just yesterday with the daughter of someone in the ward. So her mom is a member and the moms boyfriend is investigating the church, we have been teaching him for a while. Well, Brianna, the daughter, is 7 and incredibly smart and so cute and just amazing. Well we found out she wanted a Book of Mormon that was her very own, and of course we have a ton. So we took one and wrote her a note, just bearing testimony and telling her that we loved her. When we gave the book to her.... The light on her face and the happiness was literally the most beautifully thing. She gave us both several big hugs and read the note out loud and continued to thank us for the Book of Mormon.
As I have pondered on this, I have thought about how cool it would be if every person treasured their scriptures like this little seven year old. If every single one of us realized how precious it is that we have revelation FROM GOD. TO US. Written FOR US in these times. Although I have to come to love my scriptures and treasure the time I have to study them, I learned so much from watching sweet Brianna glow when she received her own Book of Mormon. I want to invite you all to ponder just a little on this and what your scriptures mean to you and maybe keep them just a little closer, a little more sacred to you this week.
All is well here in Badajoz... The work is hard, the work is good, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord as a missionary. Thank you all for your love and support!! Have a wonderful week!!
Xoxo Hermana Hauber 

This is Brianna <3
My "little brother" Elder Nye got transferred :(
Our cute district at an all you can eat pasta place!
Nightgowns and mismatching fuzzy socks...
it's becoming a trend
Intercambios with the SHE's!
My SHE Hermana Nelson
Otra vez, Hermana Nelson and I
This is a gofre with dark chocolate :)
Roscon de Reyes! Delicioso!
Apparently I looked like a Sevillana. Hahaha.

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