Monday, January 25, 2016

Faith and Humility qualify us for the work

Hola everybody!!
What a week it has been here in Badajoz! We have witnessed so many miracles and amazing things, but I also feel like I have spent some time in the fire being polished and perfected this week.
On Tuesday, we had district meeting here in Badajoz and one of the Elders gave a taller about teaching with the spirit. We talked about things we can do to have the Spirit with us and then he randomly passed out slips of papers that had these things written on them and we were invited to find ways to improve during the week on whatever we had been given and then share an experience the following week.
Soo.... I drew "exercising faith". As I pondered on that, I wondered, "How can I exercise more faith? Everything in mission work is based on faith, I talk to people having faith that maybe even one will listen, I teach lessons having faith that I'm saying what the Lord would have me say and every day I wake up having faith that it will be a successful day... What more can I possibly do to exercise more
faith!?" Y'all, let me just tell you: I have learned that there is always more that we can do to exercise a little more faith. (:
As I pondered this all week, and as I have strived to exercise more faith and really turn this work over to the Lord, I have seen so many miracles and learned so much! These are just two experiences I want to share...

1. So every Thursday, we teach English class at 8 o clock. We had a future, Carmen, that we have been trying to stop by her house and she is very friendly but just never could receive us. So she told us to come by Thursday at 7 and she would be free. Well, our 5:30 appointment at the capilla ended late - at 7 - and if we were to walk to Carmen's house, 20 minutes away, we would only have 20 minutes to teach her before having to run back to the capilla for English class. Well.... It was raining and neither my companion or I really wanted to run out in the rain to maybe not even have her be able to receive us. However, I just kept having this I,press ion that we needed to go. So I told my comp that we had to go, even though it was far and we were short on time. So we went! And... She was home! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she was so incredibly receptive and learned so fast. We apologized for having to run after 20 minutes but she still invited us to come over again! I was so grateful for having followed that impression and exercised my faith. Even though it seems something small, I was so grateful to find her and teach her even though it wasn't convenient. It doesn't matter if it's convenient or not because it is the Lord's will.
2. Hermana Dueñas and I had decided to do a fast this week for two of our investigators, Jose Antonio and Edith. (Backstory: Jose doesn't believe in God, and is very much against the idea, but allows us over because he is fascinated with English and America.  Edith is very receptive, wants to come to church and we have a good friendship). We also chose one thing to focus on being more obedient because we know obedience brings miracles. So we did the fast and we had a little bit of contact with them, and I had faith that we were going to see a miracle. Maybe they would come to our activity or to our church meetings or maybe even just Jose would soften his heart and allow us to teach him and his family. Well, Friday came and we stopped by their house to remind them of the activity the next day and they weren't home. So we gave her a call and she was hoping to be able to come. However, then Jose called us and he just yelled at me on the phone for about 10 minutes about how he didn't want religion and all of these different rude things.... I didn't understand all of what he said, but it broke my heart. I got off the phone and just cried and cried. I didn't understand why, after all week long of doing the fast and praying for them and trying my best to be obedient, we didn't see a miracle. I have really struggled with that and felt so discouraged and even still it weighs on my mind. But as I have pondered, I have realized that I can't set the Lord on a timetable of one week to show me a miracle. Maybe, just maybe, even though I couldn't see it, Jose's heart was softened and in the future he will be more receptive, or maybe something else happened, I don't know. But my faith doesn't stop with this week. I believe that truly exercising faith means that even though we have been rejected, doesn't mean we stop praying or bring obedient or hoping to see miracles for them. It just means that we continue on, with charity, having hope that through our faith, someday this wonderful family will accept the gospel.

This week, we also had a worldwide missionary conference! They talked a lot about how as missionaries, our purpose is to teach repentance so that when we baptize investigators, they are true converts and not just baptisms. One thing that was said that I loved was that truly, the gospel is simple and we don't have to make it complicated and we shouldn't make it complicated!!
God is real, and I know that He loves each and every one of us. His gospel is pure and it is simple and it is the only way we will make it back to Him and live with Him again. I know our Savior lives and that because of His life and His suffering, He knows how to help us overcome any trial, any heartache, any sin that we may experience in this life. It truly is a gift to have this knowledge and it's a privilege to be able to share it with others!!
I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the snow back home! Have a wonderful week!!
Xoxo Hermana Hauber

Because in 9 days she goes home to Utah!

My SHE who is going to transfer :(

It's a super big thing here to go to Domino's and pay 6 bucks for
all you can eat pizza. It does awful things to your body and I don't
know why but we went twice this week. 

We had lunch with a member and she invited some friends...They're
here from Michigan, Atlanta, and Illinois to play basketball #supertall

This is at Cronicass... 8 of us ate 2 of these hahaha

We had a culture night where people made food from
their countries. We made chili and cookies!

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