Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Miracles!!

Hello everybody!!
I hope you are all happy and healthy going into this new year... 2016!! Can you believe it?? This week we had a lot of cool miracles here in Badajoz!
First of all, our branch president is AWESOME. And so is our ward mission leader. They are both so willing to help us with the work. They ask us what our goals are, what we are struggling with reaching so they can help us improve. The support here is amazing and I'm grateful to have started my mission here!! #badajozforthewin
Anyways... So our branch president gave us a referencia, and we. Allied her last week to invite her to church and she didn't answer. But then the next day, he brought her to the noche de hogar that we always do and it was wonderful!! She also celebrated the New Years with us, and went to the big dance in the capilla and we met with her again on Saturday to practice English and show her the Book of Mormon. She has made a lot of friends with the members and that is so important. Also, she is from Panama which is pretty cool. (: Another miracle is that we started teaching another girl from Honduras! Like the one from Panama, she is here for studies and is so receptive to this gospel and our message of Jesus Christ. We have been trying to contact her for a couple weeks and finally met her AND taught her.
This week we celebrated New Years! Of course. (: Here in Spain, people all get together and have a big dinner with their families or friends or whoever at like 10 or 10:30. For us, we had jamón, seafood, fresh veggies and this type of meat that I also had for Christmas... In Chile it's called this: "enrollado e guazo" but I have no idea in Spain. Haha. But it was yummy! The main tradition here for New Years however is eating grapes! The last 12 seconds of the year, there are bells that ring every second and for each second, you eat a grape. In the past years, missionaries could stay out and do this with members, but this year our mission president asked us to be in piso, but we could stay up until midnight to eat our grapes and then go to bed. Sooooo we did. And that was how I celebrated New Years. (:
Anyways. We had a good week here in Badajoz and the work is progressing! Just like anything else in life, you gotta take it poco a poco. I hope you all have made goals for this year that will help you improve little by little in those things that matter most!!
Love you all!!
Xoxo Hermana Hauber

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