Monday, July 4, 2016

Feelin' Good!

Hey y'all!!

Happy July! I hope you all are doing something fun for the 4th today... like having a barbeque or something. This last week has been an incredible week. But really. I know we have awesome weeks and we have hard weeks so that we learn and so that we improve and continue working hard and well.... this week was definitely a good one.
We started off the week by teaching new people!! We wanted to focus this week on teaching investigators with members in their lessons too and so we worked really hard and reached the mission standard for that this week! #improvement #todayiscelebrationday But anyways... we taught some cool new people and it is just amazing to see the Lord´s hand in every moment.
-Gabriel is doing well! We were only able to teach him one other time because we were out of our area for 3 days, but he brought his friend to the lesson too so he could learn more and get help from God too. I loved it! So Antonio and Gabriel are currently reading in the Book of Mormon and just trying to start developing faith.
-Alex came to church again!
-The zone leaders passed us a reference for a guy named Moises. Man oh man... he believes in God, but also believes in some other crazy things. We went to visit him Saturday morning and honestly it was the most challenging, intense, exhausting lesson of my entire mission! We taught lesson 1 about the restauration and he had so many doubts and questions... but I KNOW that as we were teaching him that the Lord just filled our mouths with what to say and what to testify about. He guided us in every moment of that lesson and I´m so grateful for my rockstar of a companion and the sweet member who went with us.
-Rafael. He has met with missionaries in the past, but it is hard for him to give up his sunday to come to church. So we are really working on helping him see the importance of that. And we are helping him quit smoking!! Poco a poco.
Can I just say, I love helping others better their lives and come to know God all by helping them understand the atonement!!
Okay, the other half of our week we were in Malaga! We went from Tuesday to Thursdayfor consejo in the mission home and then for exchanges with the Hermanas there. At our meeting, Sister Reeves from the general relief society presidency came to visit as well as a few other people and the spirit there was incredible!! We talked a lot about a lot of things so here are just a few things that I learned/that I want to share...

-What would I do different right now in my mission if I could see where I would be in 30 or 50 years? This question made me think a lot. So before the mission, I prepared to come here and then now I am here preparing for the rest of my life. We are constantly preparing and performing and the Lord always gives us exactly what we need to be able to progress in this life. SO... I just want to be the kind of dedicated, focused missionary that follows the Spirit always.
-We invite all to come unto Christ adn be baptized to open the door to the Celestial Kingdom to all the sons and daughters of God and we are the only ones who can do that!!!
-As hermanas, we tend to get pretty down on ourselves. So we did an exercise about being positive and remember that we are given trials to become better, not as punishments.
-Look up to God to know to improve instead of looking sideways to others and compare yourself!

This is just a tiny part of everything.... but I hope maybe something from that helps you like it did me. Also, kind of a funny note. So we usually have all of our meetings in Spanish, right? But we had people there who didn´t speak Spanish and so it was all in English. That in itself was awkward. But then they asked me to say the closing prayer and I said it in English... now, that was a lot harder than it sounds and I prayed really slowly to make sure I got it all right and made it to the very end when a spanish word slipped out!! AHHHH I was so close to saying an entire prayer in English! hahaha. #thestrugglewasreal #ispeakspanish
Okay, well, this was our week in a short email. I love being a missionary and teaching others and helping others come unto Christ. There is no other greater work in the world than helping people learn and live the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope y'all have a wonderful week!!
XOXO, Hermana Hauber

Classy at consejo. 😎

We ate giant hamburgers.... Well, I ate almost all of it!

President me Hermana Andersen came for a visit!

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