Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Being a Consecrated Missionary

Hey y'all!
So this week, our leaders sent us some different talks to read about being consecrated missionaries. One of them, some of you might have read it, is called Becoming a Consecrated Missionary. It talks about different things that we need to sacrifice (i.e. Disobedience, negativity, pride, etc.) to really be entirely focused and concentrated on the Lord's work. Well, my comp and I after reading it decided to really focus on not being prideful. Claro, this is the Lord's work and in order to serve Him and really make the most of these 18 months/2 years, we need to completely dedicate ourselves to being the servants and the representatives that He needs. Aaaand we can't do that if we are being prideful. Soooo..... I studied a lot about humility this week and tried really hard not to say sarcastic, prideful things even in joking. And ya know, even though I am nowhere near close to being completely humble, I know the Lord has blessed us in our efforts because we have seen so many miracles this week! I want to share just a few of them with y'all. (:

1. Last Saturday, we taught Gabriel and Antonio about the word of wisdom and committed them to live it - but of course, little by little because they both smoke and drink a fair amount. Well, when we taught them again 4 days later, we got there and entered and sat down and Antonio tells us this, "Hermanas, I have stopped drinking. I haven't had coffee or alcohol for 2 days." Say what!? We were amazed! It was incredible to see him APPLY the teachings and he knew he was doing the right thing. We made a plan with the both of them to help them stop smoking and then had a really powerful lesson on the importance of reading, praying and coming to church.
Something else incredible about these two men is that they LOVE the Book of Mormon. They know how important it is and say they feel peace when they read it. They usually read in the evenings, but Gabriel told us this week that one day he read in the morning and noticed how he had a really good day the whole rest of the day! I love seeing them develop their own testimonies of how much Gos loves them and especially that the Book of Mormon is true and is the word of God.

us with Gabriel and Antonio

2. We had an awesome lesson with Gregorio this week! He is the one planning to be baptized on the 13th of this month. He is super great and loves the church and what we are teaching him, but hadn't really been feeling a difference between this church and his other church. But this week, as were talking he expressed to us how he felt something really special when he has been coming on Sunday's. He still is progressing and learning but honestly, hearing him say that wS a miracle! He is so excited to keep learning and wants to bring a friend to church the next week! Yahoo!

Those are just a few of our friends and how have seen them learn and how the Lord has touched their hearts to prepare them for the gospel. We also have seen so many other little miracle blessings from the Lord this week - I have felt my own faith in the Lord grow. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. There is nothing more precious than spending every day testifying of my Savior and helping others come to know Him better. What a beautiful life.

I love you all and I hope all is well at home. Remember to do the little things everyday - miracles are just for missionaries and they aren't just seen on missions. Our Heavenly Father is literally always wanting to bless us and as we consecrate ourselves daily just a tiny bit more to Him and to His gospel, He will bless us for our efforts and MORE! So keep on doing the little things and keep on doing the things that will help you come closer to Him.

Have a happy week!!
XOXOXO, Hermana Hauber 😜🇪🇸❤️

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