Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hola family!!

How are y'all?? Guess what?? I'm officially in the mission field! We left the CCM at 6:30 this morning - took a bus to the train station and then took the train to Málaga. We met President and Hermana Anderson at the station and they are just tiny and wonderful and amazing! We walked to the church building in Málaga and that's where we had all of our meetings and I had a short interview with the president. We had Domino's pizza and I got my trainer!! Her name is Hermana Watson and she is FABULOUS! We are for sure going to be best friends and I will be able to learn so much from her! Fun back story with Hermana Watson.... So the Squire's are good friends with her family and Amy gave me her email before I left so we had been emailing already and I wanted to meet her so much! Well I found out she was training and then a few hours later we were assigned to work together with her as my trainer!!! YAHOO! We were literally both so happy and I'm so grateful. We will be working in Badajoz which is pretty north in the mission. Like I literally traveled from Madrid to Málaga and am going to be almost all the way back up to Madrid in a couple hours. But that's okay!!
I will tell you more about the branch and what not next Monday when I email. I love you all so much!! I'm exhausted but so happy! #worthit I love you TONS and will talk to you next week!
xoxo Hermana Hauber

Hermana Stephen (CCM comp) and both our trainers!

Me and Hermana Watson

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