Thursday, September 10, 2015

Halfway through the MTC!!

Hola everybody!!
So this week, two days ago, I hit my halfway point of being here in the MTC. It´s actually kind of crazy because I feel like I just got here... But also I feel like I have known these people forever and how could I have only been here for 3 weeks?? This week I also kind of just.... hit a wall. The first couple weeks were hard and it is still very hard, but this week I just kinda felt exhausted mentally and hit a wall, not feeling like I was progressing or learning or anything. But, looking back, I can see so many little blessings and experiences showing me that ALL IS WELL. And that I can keep going and that I have to keep going, not just for me, but for all of the people I will get to help. And that is a good thought. (:
One cool experience from the week was on Saturday at the park. So I was paired to work with Hermana Weaver - who, by the way is AMAZING - and we had some interesting conversations. One was with this guy who was running but stopped to talk to us. One thing that he mentioned to me was how he liked the fact that when he went to bed at night, he didn´t have to answer to anyone or feel bad about anything. He could just live his own life. And that made me think HOW GRATEFUL I am to have someone to talk to at night and to be accountable to and to have the knowledge that when I pray, my Heavenly Father is listening to me and will do everything he can to bless me and help me learn and grow. Guys, prayer is so important. Our Heavenly Father wants to bless us but we have to ask him and talk to him and have the relationship with him in order for him to do so.
Alright, I´m off my soap box. I love being a missionary and I love working hard and learning spanish and I love this place and the people here! Also, last week for P-day, we went shopping and it was fabulous. If you ever come to Spain, things are super inexpensive but still good quality. Also, the churros and hot chocolate here are amazing.
I love you all!
xoxoxo Hermana Hauber

(And some bonus bits from the family email)
Okay so I talked about the runner guy in the group email. Please read again because I loved it. Also, for p day last week, I got two skirts at a thrift store for 4 euros total! yeah that was awesome. Also, this week I learned a lot about exact obedience. There are rules like not chewing gum or not playing full court basketball or little things like that but they are all so important because only when we are being exactly obedient is when the blessings and miracles come. Sundays are amazing!! I love them and this last one was fast sunday so we had testimony meeting. I love beings surrounded by so mmay people with such strong testimonies. Also, on Sunday I got a blessing from the elders in my district and the coolest thing was having all of them stand around me in a circle... it was like a wall of the priesthood just protecting me. it was amazing to see 6 rowdy boys as priesthood holders in action. LOVED IT. Also, we gave3 a lesson this week about the first vision and I have itmemeorized in spanish and got to say it and let me tell you, nothing is more powerful or brings the spirit more than that lesson. Read it, study it, know it and have that testimony beccause it is true and we need to know that as members of the church. Can someone tell me if Taysom Hill broke his foot?
Also, I learned about the imperfect tense of verbs and that combined with preterit makes me want to just stop learning any language at all because it doesn´t make sense. With more time hopefully it will. Also, I have one teacher who is amazing!! her name is Hermana Griotti and I love her to pieces. More about her later.
Also, one more thought... it isn´t about what the people do, it´s about the things I do as a missionary. For example, even if my people don´t commit to be baptized or whatever, what´s important is that I´m doing the right things and being obedient. I love you guys tons!! Only 3 more weeks here in the MTC!! YIKES!

the temple with my companion

churros and chocolate last week

This is me and Hermana Weaver at the park last week

we sing outside the temple every sunday!

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