Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Love Spain!!!

Hola Everybody!!
So I don´t really know what to tell you is new.... every week is the same here in the MTC. Howevwer, in less than two weeks I will be in Malaga! WOOHOO!!!
Every Sunday, we sing hymns in Spanish and occasionally english in front of the Madrid temple and it is pretty  much the greatest thing ever. People walk by and listen and take pictures and it is like sunset and beautiful. I just love it. If you think English hymns are beautiful, listen to them in Spanish because WOW.
This week, one of the Elders in my district let me borrow the talk called The Fourth Missionary... it is AMAZING! My favorite part was when it talked about how instead of striving to be a great missionary, we should strive to be a faithful servant of God. Even if you aren´t a missionary, or have already read it or whatever. Go and read this again. It will change your life and how you look at things. It is seriously so great. Anyways, i then was studying adn came across the story of Ammon and he talks about being a faithful servant and doing wahtever is asked of him that is good. LOVE IT.
Last week for p-day we went to the Museo del Prado adn it was cool! I´m not much of an artsy person, but I know that some people enjoy that. haha. I mostly just like being out in the city, and out of this building. And today we are going to the soccer stadium! >That I´m super excited about. Also, I´m just gonna throw in a plug for how grateful I am for my district. It is hard sitting in a classroom all day long and only having one companion to be with all the time. But 6 dorky boys around makes it a little better.
But I am loving it here! I love being a missionary and I´m so grateful for all of the people I have met already. I can´t believe that I will be leaving them soon. I love this gospel and I love my Savior. Life is good.
Love you all!!
xoxo Hermana Hauber

All the sisters in my zone
My district on p day
Teaching in the park 
Singing in front of the temple

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